Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th Photo: Gildford

Some days simply do not go well.

Montana Historical Society Photograph Archives, 947-592
Take this fellow for example. What series of unfortunate events left him dangling from a wire above Gildford? We may never know, because nothing is known about this photo except that it was taken in 1917. I saw it some time ago on the Montana Historical Society's Facebook page, where a caption contest is raging. Feel free to chime in with your caption in the comments section.


  1. Where is this. It really looks likes the now Depot Church in Deer Lodge.

  2. Gildford, named for a town in England, is in Hill County west off Havre. It was a Great Northern station on the High Line. The town still exists as a grain marketing center for Northern Plains farmers.