Forget dreary dates and boring facts. Montana Moments distills the most funny, bizarre, and interesting stories from Montana’s history into pure entertainment. You’ll meet the colorful cast of the famous and infamous desperadoes, vigilantes, madams, and darned good men and women (and a few critters) who made the state’s history. The episodes recounted here always entertain. Best of all, each vignette takes about ninety seconds to read. So have fun exploring Montana—and enjoy a little history as you go.

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                 Montana Moments: History on the Go

When Evelyn Cameron first rode into Miles City in the dark blue divided riding skirt she had ordered from California, oh, the scandal it caused. Ellen Baumler tells that story and more in More Montana Moments, a collection of more of the most funny, bizarre, and interesting stories from Montana’s history.

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 More Montana Moments

A covered wagon on a dim road, the promise of a long journey, and the wonder of what lay ahead filled Mary Sheehan Ronan’s earliest memories. By the time she reached her twenties, she was a well-seasoned pioneer. Ronan tells her story in this entertaining memoir. The exhilaration of a forbidden sled ride, the creaking of the hangman's rope, her father giving the last of their water to his dying mule—these things Ronan descibes with vivid clarity. Girl from the Gulches offers a unique perspective that is a joy to read.

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Girl from the Gulches: The Story of Mary Ronan

 Floorboards creaking. Inanimate objects flying off walls. Fleeting glimpses of ghostly figures moving in solemn grace through the halls and walls of our homes and offices. We all recognize these tell-tale signs of haunted places, and in this delightful collection of stories from Montana's legendary mining towns, the state's supernatural history comes to life. The wonderful stories in Spirit Tailings capture Montana's rich cultural heritage—and scare the bejesus out of you to boot.

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Spirit Tailings: Ghost Tales from Virginia City, Butte and Helena

Montana is alive with things that go bump in the Big Sky night. A World War II serviceman who lingers in a Billings business, a dearly departed priest who still hitchhikes around Helena, and a Hamilton socialite who adorns her mansion with the scent of roses—these are a few of the creepy tales from across the state collected in Beyond Spirit Tailings. It offers more ghostly encounters from Montana's heritage places, but branches out to explore such mysteries as the monster said to lurk in the deep waters of Flathead Lake, the power of an ancient object revered by native peoples, and a possible explanation for the death of Thomas Francis Meagher. These eerie and mysterious tales will leave you looking over your shoulder, sleeping with the lights on, and always craving more.

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Beyond Spirit Tailings Audiobook: Montana's Mysteries, Ghosts, and Haunted Places

Montana Place Names are as varied as its terrain. Flip through these pages and find yourself exploring Montana. The full-color map and three-way cross-references make it a cinch to find any place. Montana Place Names is designed to be dog-eared and marked up, stashed in a hand place until yet another name provokes your curiosity. Cunsult it often while the panorama of montana unfolds in your windshield or friendly debate erupts at the dinner table. Each entry is a guaranteed conversation starter and a little eye-opener about Montana's rich history.

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Montana Place Names: From Alzada to Zortman

The penitentiary at Deer Lodge, established in 1870, was Montana Territory's first federal facility. These buildings bear the marks of a violent history: bazooka scars mar the tower where prisoners holed up during the infamous riot of 1959 and an inmate's delicate stenciling oddly adorns the room where the two riot masterminds died. Dark Spaces tells the physical and human tale of the troubled institution whose idyllic setting contrasts so violently with the history it holds. J. M. Cooper's detailed photographs of the prison's interiors and exteriors combine with historic images to illustrate the stories of the people who lived—and sometimes died—within its walls.

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Dark Spaces: Montana's Historic Penitentiary at Deere Lodge

Prepare for thirteen encounters with the supernatural as you shiver through some of Montana's most chilling tales of ghosts and hauntings. All of the stories in Montana Chillers are true. They are about real people, real places, and real events. Are you prepared to be scared?

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Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings

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