Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Photo: The Bob Saloon

Montana Historical Society Photograph Archives, 981-837
The cowboys in this L.A. Huffman photo are enjoying a lazy day off at Bob Leavitt's Saloon in Jordan, Montana, circa 1904. The horse, on the other hand, looks ready to go. I hope your weekend is just as relaxing.


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  2. Bob sold his business to his partner Charles de Gaffenreid in 1909 and moved to Texas to grow cotton and corn.

  3. This photo was taken at Ismay Montana in 1906

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  5. Were the beers referred to as "Golden Grain Belt Beers" actually the beers that were brewed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. How were the beers delivered that far away from the brewery, considering the inablitiy to keep them cold for proper transport?

    1. Some parts of the West had cold beer. Ice plants began cropping up in Western towns as early as the 1870s. Before then, brewers cut ice from frozen rivers in the winter and stored it underground during the summer to keep the brew cool. In the 1880s, Adolphus Busch introduced artificial refrigeration and pasteurization to the U.S. brewing process, launching Budweiser as a national brand. Before then, folks in the Old West didn’t expect their beer to be cold; they were accustomed to the European tradition of beer served at room temperature.