Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Photo: Hunting Season

I hope you all enjoyed October's haunted history series as much as I did. For this week's photo, let's switch gears to another seasonal topic that has Montanans buzzing. And no, not the election.

Montana Historical Society Photograph Archives, 948-563
Except for the vintage car, this 1913 photo looks pretty similar to what you might see on a Montana road today. Some things never change.

Bonus: These hunters might have used Mrs. J.W. Arthur's recipe for broiled venison steaks from the First Presbyterian Church of Lewistown's 1902 cookbook, Daily Bread: Compiled from Tested Recipes of the Ladies of Fergus County. Would you try it?

Steaks are usually cut from the leg or haunch. They are not good unless very hot. Put the dish in which they are to be served over a kettle of boiling water to heat. Put in it a piece of butter size of a walnut, one-fourth teaspoonful of salt, add 1 tablespoonful of currant jelly if desired. Grease the griddle with suet, lay steaks on it, broil over a hot fire, turning almost constantly, put them in the heated dish and turn them in the butter once or twice; serve on heated plates. The quantities given are for two steaks.

P.S. Remember this recipe for duck?

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