Monday, October 8, 2012

Copper King Mansion

A group of friends sat around the dining room table one evening at the Copper King Mansion, once the home of William A. Clark. Suddenly they heard a strange moaning sound. It started out low, gathered strength, then ended abruptly. Again came the low-pitched moan from some deep place within the house. They knew it was coming from the third floor, and that someone would have to investigate. The thought filled them with dread. They agreed to go together. As they ascended the grand staircase, one step at a time, the sound rose and fell like a ghastly, ghoulish greeting. They reached the third floor, and the moaning had risen to a deafening, all-encompassing crescendo. It was loud; it was eerie; and it left the eight adults clutching each other. The monstrous, groaning sigh ebbed and died, but rose again immediately. They flung open the door to the ballroom and stopped at once and stared. A pipe organ stood against one wall. Outside, the wind was blowing, and it whistled into the ballroom through a small broken pane of stained glass. The realization began to dawn. The wind’s target was a bass pipe and the death-rattle moan was only the rise and fall of the wind hitting a low note!


  1. Copper King, one of my favorite places. Thanks for the story!

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