Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Photo

In celebration of Black History Month, here's a look back at one of the contributions of blacks in the military stationed in Montana. Tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk, “Vignettes of Valor,” profiling some more of those contributions. It's here at the Historical Society at 2:00. Hope you can make it!
From Montana Views. Original in Montana Historical Society Photograph Archives, H-3614. Used by permission.
A group of bicyclists stands on Minerva Terrace in Yellowstone National Park in August 1896. The men belong to Lt. James A. Moss's company of the Twenty-fifth Infantry, U.S. Army Bicycle Corps, Fort Missoula, Montana. Photo by F. Jay Haynes.

P.S. It's possible that one of the men pictured is Mingo Sanders.
Update: Thanks to Mike Higgins for identifying the men in this photo. See his comment below for their names.

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  1. No, Mingo Sanders wasn't with this group. The riders in this photo are Lt. James A. Moss, Sgt. Dalbert Green, Corp. John C. Williams, Musician William Brown, Pvt. John Findley, Pvt. William Haynes, Pvt. Frank L. Johnson and Pvt. William Proctor. Pvt. Elwood Forman, who rode with this group does not appear in the picture