Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Photo

What are you up to this weekend, history buffs? I have a batch of "History on the Go" radio scripts to write, but I'm hoping to find time for a little horseback riding. Nothing this fancy, though...

From Montana Views. Original in Montana Historical Society Photograph Archives, PAc 95-68 A-183. Used by permission.

Horsemen from the M Troop, Sixth Cavalry—considered the U.S. Army's finest trick riders in 1903—perform the pyramid. Top to bottom, left to right, are Pvt. Vessey, unidentified, Corp. Dick Hill, Sgt. Chase, Corp. Hunker, unidentified, Sgt. Harry Chartran, Corp. Singeltary, unidentified, and Sgt. Jonnie May. Photo by Christian Barthelmess.

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