Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yucca Theater

An optimistic, cheerful nature and a keen sense of humor helped make Treasure County legislator David Manning instrumental in getting Montana “out of the mud.” An engineer and contractor, Manning did much for Montana’s rural communities, initiating improvements such as electricity, paved roads, dams, and irrigation systems in sparsely populated areas. Known for his clever solutions to difficult problems, Manning was fair and patient and often crossed political party lines when others could not. Upon his retirement, Manning had served in the Montana House and Senate from 1932 to 1985, longer than any other legislator in the nation. Just before he entered politics, Manning and his brother, Jim, designed and built the Yucca Theater in Hysham.

Photo courtesy Montana State Historic Preservation Office
The landmark theater well represents the huge popularity of talking pictures. Typical of Manning’s visionary intuition, its construction in 1931 raised community morale, assuring the community of Hysham’s survival during the Great Depression. Attached living quarters served as Manning’s family home during his long political service. In 1992, the Manning heirs donated the facility to the Treasure County ’89ers. It is now a fantastic museum.

P.S. Remember this renowned theater?

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