Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Destination: Laurel

A study of downtown Laurel's architectural patterns visually documents its evolution.

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  1. Excerpt from my dad's story Orphan Boy by R. J. Milne Jr. Amazon, with Laurel mentioned in 1922:

    One evening, as cousin Tobe, his friend, and I sat around talking, I persuaded them to go to Butte and work in the mines. We hitched a ride on the Great Northern, until getting sidetracked in Laurel, known as a tough town for hobos that rode without tickets. During the night, it became mighty cold, so we looked for some place to keep warm. I found an unlocked boxcar, but inside were lots of tramps, wrapped in heavy shipping papers. They looked warm and comfortable, while we were cold and miserable. I let out a holler, “Get out of there, you bums!” and darted behind the car. They all jumped out and ran in different directions, thinking it was bulls (railroad dicks). While looking things over, a brakeman came along and glanced in the boxcar. I thought it was Tobe, and heaved him in; I really scared the guy. I realized my mistake and took off. I had no wings, but my legs moved really fast. I left Tobe to face him, and do the explaining. The brakeman was too shocked to do anything, so we had the whole boxcar to ourselves, with wrapping paper to spare. We slept warm and sound.