About Ellen

I'm an interpretive historian at the Montana Historical Society and host of the show "History on the Go" on Cherry Creek Radio. In my spare time, I've made a hobby out of investigating the history behind Montana's ghosts and haunted places. My writing includes seven books and numerous magazine articles that tell the most funny, bizzare, and interesting stories from my research into Montana history.

I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email at ebaumler at mt dot gov or connect with me on Facebook or Goodreads.


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  2. The Big Muddy Western Series

    Exciting news today for western movie fans coming out of Montana. Filmmaker, writer, producer, director, and the creative mind behind the 2013 independent western genre film "Sins of the Past," Chris Hoffert​ in conjunction with his production company Aviation Pictures and In My Tent Productions has announced the shooting schedule for The Big Muddy Western Series. Chris and his film crew will be shooting scenes with cameras, actors, costumes, movie firearms and everything that appears on a real live movie making set right here this summer in our home state of Montana.

    This is great news on the Montana film making scene and we want to bring the news to the public and the major news media outlets in the state, the network TV stations, newspapers and magazines. Also, we want to let people know that anyone can be involved with the making of the film series "The Big Muddy" including appearing in the film or working behind the scenes. They are also raising additional funding to shoot the series and it is making a lot of noise but it does still need additional support from friends and fans alike to reach their distribution goal of $20,000. If you want to get involved in any way all they have to do to get started is go to the The Big Muddy Kickstarter link @


  3. Ellen, I have some of my Aunt's Nursing books from the Montana Deaconess Hospital Nursing in 1913. I would like to donate them-do you know where I could inquire on donation. Thank you. Stronsurvivor9@hotmail.com

  4. My father, Frank Newquist, lived a block away from the Maclean's Presbyterian church on 6th St & Myrtle. My father and Norman Maclean apparently attended the same elementary school at the same time as my father was born in 1901 and Norman Maclean in 1902. My father was also a huge fly fisherman and I would guess they knew each other.
    It's so weird having a personal connection to the author and the movie. Great movie!

  5. llen, I have some of my Aunt's Nursing books from the Montana Deaconess Hospital Nursing in 1913.

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